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Paola Álvarez & Manuel Escorihuela



Artistic  pair since 2010, Álvarez and Escorihuela founded their production company Paola Á. Filmproduktion in 2015

with the aim of producing independent and experimental films. 

Since then they have made two features and a short film, and are currently working in the pre-production of another feature film and in the post-production of a documentary, all of them with a strong experimental character.

The first film, Der Nowak (P. Álvarez and M. Escorihuela, 2015), shot in Berlin in 16mm, had several international premieres and was released on Filmin - the biggest independent VOD platform in Spain.

The second film, Mathius Marvellous Shop (P. Álvarez and M. Escorihuela, 2019), has won a dozen awards and mentions at independent and experimental film festivals and was part of the official selection of more than 20 festivals in 14 countries around the world. 

The short film 16 do Decembro (Álvaro Gago, 2020)where they were executive producers, has collect awards all around the world and was nominated for the GOYA for best short film in 2020. 

During the pause of the pandemic, Álvarez and Escorihuela focused on experimental videos and produced up to six multidisciplinary works that were exhibited in festivals and galleries in Spain and Germany. 

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